Gamble Sands Headlines Washington’s Top-10 Public Golf Courses of 2017


Prospector at Suncadia • Roslyn

It’s been interesting to watch our voters’ preferences for the two public tracks at Suncadia Resort — Prospector and Rope Rider — flip-flop over the years. In 2013, Prospector nabbed the No. 8 spot, while Rope Rider received the 10th-most votes. Two years later, the script flipped — Rope Rider jumped to eighth, and Prospector dropped back to No. 10. This year, it’s Prospector back at No. 8, and Rope Rider dropping all the way to 14th. (Though, had we only used our expert votes, Rope Rider would in fact be No. 7, and Prospector No. 10.)
It seems that voters just can’t decide which course they prefer — and we completely understand, since we find ourselves struggling with the same question. This year, it’s Prospector, an unending bonanza of memorable holes, none more so than the epic par-4 10th, perhaps the most photogenic par-4 in the state. When you’re at Prospector — and Rope Rider, too — you feel like you’re a world away from your daily concerns, even though you’re barely 90 minutes from home. It’s unquestionably our favorite mountain escape.

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