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To advertise in Cascade Golfer contact Simon Dubiel at (206) 778-7686.

Cascade Golfer is the largest golf magazine in Washington with over 50,000 copies mailed three times annually to golfers in the Puget Sound. Each issue is also emailed to 100,000 golfers. Cascade Golfer also has a December digital issue only.  In addition, 2,000 copies are distributed to over 50 courses and retail locations.

Magazine Advertising Information

2023 Deadlines

IssueSpace DeadlineDigital DeadlineStreet Date ( Approx. )

Print Ad Sizes

full-page bleed8.825 x 11.25
 trim size8.375 x 10.75
 non-bleed7.375 x 9.686
(spread)spread bleed17.25 x 11.25
 trim size16.75 x 10.75
 non-bleed16.35 x 10.35
(1/2 h)half-horizontal7.375 x 4.792
(1/3 v)one-third vertical2.3472 x 9.7507
(1/3 sq)one-third square4.861 x 4.792
(1/6 v)one-sixth vertical2.3472 x 4.792