Gamble Sands Headlines Washington’s Top-10 Public Golf Courses of 2017


White Horse • Kingston

We should have called this “The Harbottle Issue.“ We wrote about John and Pat Harbottle in this month’s “Difference Makers“ feature; meanwhile, their late son, golf course designer John Harbottle III, has dominated our top-10. Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course, Palouse Ridge and White Horse all bear the Harbottle name, the first two as original designs and the latter a redesign in 2011, to soften up some of the more challenging aspects of Cynthia Dye McGarey’s original White Horse layout.
Since its purchase by the Suquamish Tribe in 2011, White Horse has lowered its rates, redesigned its layout and become, quite simply, one of the best courses — and best values, as our rankings by price would indicate — in the Northwest. If you played it before, but haven’t since, you’re in for a treat.

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