Gamble Sands Headlines Washington’s Top-10 Public Golf Courses of 2017


Trophy Lake Golf & Casting • Port Orchard

To borrow a fishing analogy (which seems appropriate given Trophy Lake’s “Golf & Casting“ moniker), Trophy Lake has cast about the edges of our top-10 in each of the first two rankings, but never gotten a bite — until now.
It’s a credit to Washington’s other tracks that it’s taken so long for Trophy to crack the list — with some of the state’s best turf, white-sand bunkers, perfect greens and an array of fun and challenging holes, it’s been a favorite of Washington golfers since the day it opened in 1999.
Which makes it the perfect track to cap our list. Because just like Trophy Lake’s 18th hole, a top-10 ranking is a risk-reward endeavor — risk that you’ll offend, but a reward for the courses that make the final cut. And as anyone who has ever read Simon Dubiel’s monthly Risk vs. Reward feature can attest, we’ve never been ones to lay up.

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