Gamble Sands Headlines Washington’s Top-10 Public Golf Courses of 2017


Palouse Ridge • Pullman

As was the case in 2015, Palouse Ridge rounds out the state’s “Super Six“ — that is, six courses whose vote totals distance themselves significantly from those below them. But it might not be “rounding out“ that group much longer.
The home course for the Washington State Cougars gained 10 percent on No. 5 Salish Cliffs in this year’s rankings, coming just eight points — one single, third-place vote — shy of scraping its way back into the state’s top-5, where it sat comfortably before Gamble Sands burst on the scene in 2014. Having also closed the gap on Salish Cliffs in 2015 (as compared to 2013), it stands to reason that as more time goes by, and more golfers make their way across the state to see what the fuss is about, Palouse Ridge’s status is only increasing.
As well it should. The Huskies on our staff have long since conceded Palouse Ridge’s overall excellence — and how could they not? Palouse combines the brawn of Salish Cliffs, and the look of feel of Wine Valley, with the panoramic views of Gamble Sands. That’s a winning formula even a Coug can understand.

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