Cascade Golfer Match Play Championship

The Road to Salish Cliffs

Rules & Details

PLAY: Match play is a simple format – a bracket will be established with pods and regions (based upon golf club handicap). This is similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. You will be paired with another golfer for your match. We will email both you and your opponent with each other’s contact info so the two of you can communicate to set up your match. You play at your home course (if you are both members of the same club), or at a mutually-agreed-upon venue. Players should request to play as a twosome. If this is not possible, they should request to be the first to tee off in their group on each hole. Caddies and GPS/Rangefinders are allowed. If a player shows up late to the match, they will forfeit a hole for every 15 minutes they are late and will start on the next hole. A match is won when a player is ahead by more holes than there are remaining. If a match is cut short due to weather (mutually-agreed-upon) the winner is the player leading at that time. A match must have a minimum of nine holes completed to qualify.

TIEBREAKERS: If a match is tied after 18 holes, the tiebreaker scenario is as follows:

  1. If the course will allow, you must continue playing extra holes until one player wins a hole. In the case of extra holes, handicaps are still in play, meaning players may still receive a stroke(s) on those extra hole(s).
  2. If extra holes are not possible, then the winner is the golfer who won the 18th hole.
  3. If neither of the above options is available, then you go to a scorecard playoff. Whoever won the #1 handicap hole is the winner. If a tie, go to the #2 handicap hole and so on. Handicap hole is based upon the men’s tees, if a match involves both men and women.

TEE BOXES: Men must play from the same tee box (mutually agreed upon). If a set of tees can’t be agreed upon, then the middle tee box (normally white) will be played. Women will play from the forward tee.

If the two players are unsure of a ruling, you cannot play two balls for the remainder of the hole, which is allowed in stroke play. You must accept the score you post for that hole unless you or your opponent make a “claim” before anybody tees off on the next hole; or, if on the final hole, before everybody leaves the putting green. A “claim” allows you to get the proper ruling later from the course pro or a reliable source that may determine your score on that hole. The penalty for breach of a rule in match play is loss of hole except when otherwise provided. Please make every effort to resolve any disputes and determine a winner before you leave the course. If an issue can’t be resolved at the course please contact the tournament director, [email protected], (206) 778-7686, and a ruling will be determined in a timely manner.

FIELD SIZE: Although the field size is limited to 64 players, if the field size ends up fewer than 64 players, some players may receive a first-round bye. Byes will be assigned on a first-registered, first-served basis. Thus, players who register early may be advanced directly to the second round.

FINAL EIGHT: The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals (Final Eight) will take place August 26-27th at Salish Cliffs Golf Club in Shelton, Wash. This is approximately equidistant from Portland and Seattle. Greens fees for the quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship rounds are all covered by the tournament.

REGISTRATION: Registration is open to the first 64 players. You can register through this website. Please submit payment when registering. You can do so with a credit card over the phone or via PayPal. If you need to make payment in another format – please contact the tournament director, [email protected], (206) 778-7686, to make arrangements.

BRACKETS: Brackets will be unveiled once complete and will be available on our website as well as emailed out to all players.

TIMING: Matches will start on May 22nd, and continue until August 27th.

Players must finish their match prior to the deadline. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit from both players. This could result in a bye for their potential opponent in the next round.

SCORING: USGA Match Play rules will apply for all matches. These are NET-based matches, so you must have an active handicap. Your lowest USGA recognized handicap index of the last 12 months will be used as your tournament index. Some matches may have men playing against women, and it is assumed that different tees will be played – that is covered in the Details.

REPORTING SCORES: Match results must be emailed from the winning player (copying his opponent) to the tournament director, [email protected] A copy of the official scorecard is requested, but not required, and can be emailed to the tournament director, [email protected].

COURSE HANDICAP: Each player index will be based upon the player’s lowest handicap over the last 12 months. The Max Course Handicap allowed is 36. Each index should be converted to the course handicap. (Ask the pro shop to do this.) The higher handicap of the two players in the match will receive strokes on the lowest handicap holes. (Ex: If one player is a 9 and another a 13 handicap, then the 13 will receive one stroke on the holes handicapped 1-4.)

CADDIES: Although caddies are allowed, they are not recommended, as we are trying to make this as level a playing field for all players involved.

CLUBS: The use of non-conforming wedges, manufactured prior to the USGA’s most recent regulations, IS allowed. In addition, the use of anchored putters WILL continue to be allowed under tournament rules.

DISTANCE-MEASURING DEVICES: These devices are allowed, assuming they conform to USGA regulations.