Chambers Bay Tops Washington’s Top-10 Public Courses in 2019


Gold Mountain (Olympic) • Bremerton


Every couple of years, a new course comes along to challenge for a spot in the top-10. Newcastle, Trophy Lake, White Horse, Salish Cliffs, The Home Course, Palouse Ridge, both courses at Suncadia — all were built since Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course first opened its doors in 1996. And, all still sit below the Olympic in our state’s rankings.

What the late John Harbottle did at Gold Mountain was create a course that embodies everything we love about Washington golf — tree-lined fairways, mountain views, beautiful landscaping, dramatic elevation changes, and some of the best risk-reward plays you can find.

What truly sets the Olympic apart, though, is a greens fee that peaks at $70, and drops as low as $20 on a weekday or weekend evening. When we want to show off for an out-of-town guest, we take them to the Olympic. Once we have them marveling at the beauty, intrigue and sheer joy of the course, we let them know how much we paid to play it. Inevitably, they continue to bring it up to us years later — just as we’ll still be writing the Olympic’s name on this list for years to come.

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