Chambers Bay Tops Washington’s Top-10 Public Courses in 2019


Chambers Bay • University Place

If you come at the king, you’d best not miss.

Gamble Sands took its best shot in 2017 but, far from administering the knockout blow, seems only to have motivated Chambers Bay to come back even stronger in 2019.

We were among the first in line to visit Chambers Bay this spring and play its new greens, and we can say confidently that any fears that they would distract from the course aesthetic, or wouldn’t play as firm and fast as Chambers’ old fescue greens, so far prove unfounded. Yes, they’re a little brighter in color than the fescue, and there was some evidence on a couple of greens of areas where the grass is growing in a little stronger than in others. But, they play almost identically to the old greens, while being more consistent in roll, and easier to maintain.

The greens were considered one of the major hurdles Chambers Bay needed to overcome to attract another USGA championship. If our readers’ votes count, I think we can consider that test officially passed.

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