Swing Into Summer With the July Issue of Cascade Golfer!

Golf is back, and so is Cascade Golfer. No, you’re not crazy — this is our third issue already this summer, and we still have one more to go! While COVID-19 may have changed the game in many ways — for example, you now get Cascade Golfer in your inbox, instead of your mailbox — it certainly hasn’t slowed down our production cycle. In fact, since we know you have more time than ever these days to hit the links, we’re doing the same and doubling our usual calendar to churn out new issues of Cascade Golfer every single month this summer.

Our July issue is one we’re especially excited to share with you. In the quarter century since Tiger Woods became the global face of golf, we — and many observers of the golf industry — have been waiting for a new generation of young Black golfers to follow in his footsteps. But, that hasn’t happened. In this issue, we ask the questions, “Why not? And, what can we do about it?” The end result is one of our favorite stories of the year, and one that we hope will spark conversation and action throughout the community.

We also pitch summer golf road trips to Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Sunriver, chat with Mariners manager Scott Servais on the eve of baseball’s strangest season, give away trips to Loomis Trail and Circling Raven, and more!

Best of all, you can read it now, print it out, or download it for later — it’s up to you! And don’t forget, we’ll have one more issue between now and Labor Day, so keep your eye on that inbox to make sure you’re getting all the best tips, biggest savings and fun features to maximize your 2020 golf season. Not getting Cascade Golfer in your inbox? No worries — just scroll down to the bottom of the CascadeGolfer.com front page and enter your email address to be put on the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the July issue of Cascade Golfer today!

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