Apply Now For The Duke’s Junior Golf Scholarship!

It’s no secret that for the last decade, the number of golfers actively playing the game across the nation has steadily decreased. Most golf economists credit this to the fact that golfers, as an average, are an older bunch — according to a 2012 study, 83 percent of golfers in the U.S. were age 40 or older. In fact, the percentage of golfers over the age of 70 — 19 percent — is higher than the number aged 39 or younger (17 percent). The bottom line is, older golfers are … let’s say, “aging out” … faster than younger golfers are replacing them.

In other words, as Whitney Houston said, “I believe the children are our future.” And Cascade Golfer and Duke’s Seafood are teaming up to do something about it.

Starting in April, we’ll feature a different junior golfer as the “Duke’s Junior Golf Scholarship Winner” in every issue of Cascade Golfer. Deserving honorees need only be 18 or under (or still in high school at time of nomination), be good students and have an unbridled passion for golf that they’ve demonstrated through participation on high school or local teams, First Tee programs, etc. (community service helps, too!). They don’t have to have won any tournaments, or be ranked among the top amateurs; just young golfers who love the game, and will help ensure that it keeps going strong for decades to come. Each winner will receive a $500 scholarship from Duke’s Seafood.

To nominate a junior golfer, send an email to editor Brian Beaky at [email protected] Use the subject line, “Junior Golf Scholarship Nominee” and be sure to include a photo, bio and brief description of why you think this golfer deserves our recognition.

We look forward to hearing from you!